Cheap E Cigarette Starter Kits

If you are looking for a top rated cheap e cigarette starter kit with a great value then you have found the right place! All products and starter kits are UNDER $50 with high quality in mind. All e juices and liquids featured here that go into these cheap e cigarette kits are made in the USA with top shelf ingredients like pharmaceutical-grade nicotine and flavors.

  • Editors Choice: You must experience Halo Cigs (click www.halocigs.combanner to your right ->) as they deliver high performance with strong flavors in a sleek style not seen anywhere else! The Halo G6 starter kit, Triton Tank, and Sub Ohm Tracer & Reactor Mods come in an array of sensational colors (see our full recap below) for under $49 – just choose your color & flavor! Make sure to try their inexpensive “mini tanks” so you can enjoy Halo’s purity e-juice – the best on the market! The highly flavorful Midnight Apple & Shamrock are crowd favorites with us! Halo Cigs has new sub-ohm vaporizers too. 😉

The cost effectiveness of switching to a cheap e cigarette will save you a ton of money over regular cigarettes. A standard pack of cigarettes cost about $8 or so, a standard flavor cartridge of an e cig cost about $2 and is equal to or better than the usual 20 class cigarettes per pack. You are getting more for your money here folks. Visit our ecig coupon codes to get them even cheaper

Here are our chosen high quality yet cheapest e cigarettes…

Cigavette Premiere Starter Packs – $29.95

cigavette menthol e cigarette


The Cigavette premiere series is becoming quite the trend these days, the kit featured here is the “starter” which includes 1 battery in either black, white, or stainless, 2 flavor cartridges in their signature tobacco or menthol flavors (Cigavette has been voted to have the best menthol taste out of any e cigarette) plus a USB charging system.

This IS their cheapest e-cigarette option – the premiere starter pack comes in the same hard pack as a regular pack of cigarettes which makes the transition of switching from smoking to vaping very easy. It starts at only $24.95 up to $34.95 depending in which nicotine level your choose. The 6mg and 24mg are the cheapest option with 12-18mg nicotine coming in at the 34.95 price point.

They only sell tobacco and menthol flavors for their electronic cigarette lineup that range from zero – 24mg nicotine strengths. On their website they offer e hookah pens that come in an assortment of “cocktail” flavors and light up like Times Square on New Years Eve! Ring in the new year with an all black electronic cigarette with a blue or red glowing tip!

If you are a heavy smoker then Cigavette has even more powerful options that include the VIP Go Ultra and VIP Go Mega which are stronger and last longer – no wimpy e-cigs allowed here. On top of that, they offer a insanely cool electronic cigar that has a two year shelf like and can be puffed on almost 2,000 times! Talk about epic…

The taste is phenomenal! the menthol is just like a real cigarette, perhaps even better once you strip out the taste of the actual smoke and burning paper – you are left with pure tobacco and menthol taste. Same goes for the tobacco, very flavorful and taste like a combination of Gold, Blue, and American blends. So not matter what your favorite brand was, Cigavette’s tobacco will keep you satisfied and is a true high quality cheap e cigarette that performs like magic.

BullSmoke Ranch Hand – $29.95

bull smoke

A cheap e cigarette value for under $30! You get the most for your money in this fresh cheap e cigarette starter kit… They strip out all the bull and just provide you with high quality and solid performance plus great tastes from tobacco, menthol and specialty flavors like grape, vanilla, etc.

You get 2 batteries, 10 flavor cartridges (you choose which flavors you want) and 2 chargers that include a USB and wall charging adapter. No other company offers this much for such a low price.

Choose your nicotine strength and that’s it! BullSmoke ships fast and ordering fresh flavor cartridges is a breeze, plus you are automatically enrolled n a rewards program where you can accumulate points and redeem them for future products like new batteries, and other e cig accessories.

Bull Smoke offers a lot of cool vaping accessories like manual and automatic batteries in several colors plus a wide variety of flavor cartridge options that include the trendy tastes of today (hint: the grape is awesome!). If you get a chance, try the manual battery as it puts out more vapor which equals more flavor.

They also offer a very cheap $5 disposable cheap e cigarette that cost only $5 called the “Buckshot”. Be sure to check that out while you are there. High quality at an inexpensive price, that is their goal as a value company for the consumer.

  • Now into 2015, Bull Smoke has not changed with the times unfortunately – so we recommend one of the other e cig brands showcased here.

V2 Cigs Starter Kits – $29.95+

v2 cigs


One of the most popular electronic cigarette brands is V2 Cigs. Why? because they offer a superior quality product and are always coming out with new and innovative devices and flavors. If you follow them on social media you will see that V2 is always running some sort of contest or promotion. It’s nice that they keep you in the loop of what’s coming up in their lineup.

The very popular “red tobacco” flavor cartridge is a hit among former Marlboro Red smokers as the taste is spot on, the flavor is so realistic that those smokers really enjoy switching over from real cigarettes without any hesitation.

What makes the V2Cigs brand stand out is there limited time flavors like pumpkin spice and cinnamon for the holidays and they love to tease us on what’s coming up next for 2015. They even started a survey asking what current customers would like to see in their new flavors for the new year.

Their beginners kit just includes the cheap e cigarette basics plus a disposable ecig so you may try that out too. With the kit you get 6 flavor cartridges of your choice plus one battery and a USB charger and the disposable e cig as well. They are dedicated to high standards of quality as each flavor cartridge has an expiration date and a batch code that you can trace to see when yours was made.

A good introductory to the brand cause they know you will be back for more as this company aims to satisfy.  Although they do not offer a tank style cheap e cigarette they do offer the exclusive EX blanks which are a miniature version of a tank that can be used on the pen style batteries along with their own e-juices that are dang tasty too.

  • Update: The V2 Pro Series 3 vaping device in now available from V2 Cigs! Although not cheap enough to be featured here it still is quite impressive as you can get additional cartridge tanks that will let you vape essential oils and leaves (eh hem) in addition to their tasty e liquids. Check it out, grab our V2 Cigs coupon code (link in sidebar) and save some money if you really want to get it.

Vapor Couture Entree Kit – $39.95

Vapor Couture


If you are in the market for something a bit more feminine then VaporCouture is made for you. They offer all their products in what a girl wants in her e-cig.  A pink electronic cigarette is just the beginning, they have all the familiar colors like purple and violet, etc.

This cheap e cigarette Entree kit comes with 1 battery (you choose the color) and 6 flavor cartridges (tobacco, menthol, vanilla, etc) plus a USB adapter charger and a disposable e-cigarette. What’s unique about these is the tip is crystal and glows really bright and pretty.  If they look somewhat familiar it’s because they are made by the V2 Cigs company from above, but with more flare and flash for the ladies.

The crystal tips glow when you inhale, there are several color choices that include pink, purple, and orange. How cool is that? A very elegant and sophisticated unit that performs as good as she looks. With the use of high quality e juice that only utilized pharmaceutical grade nicotine you can be assured these will not only taste great but will more than satisfy any craving you may as when smoking a traditional cigarette, but in a cost effective cheap e cigarette.

This is a good entry kit to try them out, VC offers a lot of accessories like purse inspired carry cases, silver fluted charm necklaces to carry your e cigarettes around in, and powerful and portable charging case for the woman on the go.

Flavors available for this kit are cool arctic mint, rodeo drive, and sweet passion fruit.  Also included is one disposable that will last about 400 puffs. Show up with a glamorous Vapor Couture electronic cigarette to your next party of event and make those girls jealous!

VaporFi Pro II – $49.99 (tank style!)

vaporfi pro 2 cheap e-cigarette


One of the best vaping devices for beginners. Has the most power out of any of the cheap e cigarette kits featured here with a 650mAh battery that puts our huge vapor and big flavor from any e cig juice you desire. However, VaporFi’s (formerly VaporZone) e liquid lineup is the best (premium e juices) when it comes to high quality flavor and value.

  • This is the ONLY tank-style cheap e cigarette featured here!

The VaporFi Pro II starter kit comes with all the essentials like 2 charging options (wall charger, USB charger) and has a 1.5 ohm atomizer resistance. Comes in sleek black and don’t forget to pick out a few e juice flavors on the website.

Did you know they offer custom blends? Meaning you can mix your own e-juice into any combo you like. So many to choose from, and they have several blends already made for you in case you’re brain is on freeze mode and can’t decide what you want.

The VF Pro II has an ergonomic shape that fits in your and nice and the inhale tip is shaped to fit your mouth very comfortably. The VaporFi company is among the best in the industry because they offer a wide variety of cheap e cigs for anyone.

VaporFi Not Your Ordinary Electronic Cigarette

If you want to spend a bit more, you can upgrade to the Rebel, Vox mini, or Vice which are serious vaping mods that will satisfy any smoker or soon to be ex-smoker. A one stop shop, get your ecigs, e liquids, and vaping accessories all in one place. Great prices too, e-liquids sold separately.

Halo Cigs G6 – $44.99

halo cigs g6


The Halo Cigs brand has a lot to offer at a very inexpensive price, not only do they have the cheap e cigarette G6 starter kit as shown above for under fifty dollars but they also offer a more advanced Triton Tank and sell several e-juices of their own blends.

In the G6 kit you get 2 batteries in your choice of color and in either in manual or automatic, they have this cool coating that is rubber like and feels great to the touch. Colors include blue, demon red, black, electric green, and many others – this is what sets them apart from the other ecig companies. Plus their website has the best design, just my personal opinion – but go there and I think you’ll agree.

In the kit you also get 2 chargers; a USB adapter and wall charger plus 5 flavor cartridges of your choice (the Turkish tobacco is highly recommended! ;)). Not to mention it all comes in a slick looking black flip-open case that is great for travel.

The taste? One of the better tasting cheap e cigarettes on the market – they only use ingredients made in the USA and it shows. The flavors are among my favorite and put out a great vapor volume and solid throat hit. This is a brand you will want to stick with because they offer top shelf stuff, their premium e cig liquid is extremely flavorful and have been praised by vaping enthusiasts all over the globe.

  • New for 2015: Halo Cigs sub-ohm vaping mods! When you incorporate the free 30ml e juice, both kits come in under the $50 price.

Even though their “free shipping” doesn’t kick in until you reach $75, it’s still not bad – I think I paid about $4.35 for my shipping.  However, make sure to check their website as they have coupon codes on there that will save you even more. At just under $45 the G6 starter kit by Halo e Cigs is a big winner, very high quality batteries and e liquids that will keep your cravings in check. A real cigarette ain’t got nothing on this!  * Don’t forget to use our Halo Cigs coupon code and save an additional 5%.

South Beach Smoke Vaporizers $29.99+

cheap vaporizers


Awesome! Vaporizer starter kits for under $50 available at South Beach Smoke! There are 4 made for you kits ready for you, but the cool part is that SBS allows you to create your own via their all new “custom vaporizer builder”.

Now, keep in mind that when building your cheap e cigarette starter kit the custom way it could cost you more depending on which battery and tanks you choose. So for this site, let’s keep it under the fifty dollar price point by focusing on their 3 kits so you can truly get a  cheap e cigarette vaporizer kit!

  1. AIR: This is the lowest cost cheap e cigarette option at $29.95 for a tank style system. Made to be compact and stealth for the vaping enthusiast on the go.
  2. STORM: Near the top of our cheap budget at $49.99 it gives you a lot for your money. You get 1 Storm tank and 2 atomizers (2.2 ohm) along with 1 650 mah battery, 1 USB charger, and 1 wall charger. Many color choices. Bottom coil design.
  3. CURVE: Like it’s brother the Storm above, you get the same things in the kit – only the Curve is more of an elegant, high-society type design with many color options to choose from as well.

Lot of choices I know, just pick whatever best fits your style as there are many options for both men and women. The best part is the 30,000+ e liquid combinations that is available to you through VaporFi – which South Beach Smoke uses exclusively for their e juice options.

SBS has been around since the beginning of e cigarettes and of course they still sell their famous full line of traditional electronic cigarettes in pen style with cartomizers if you prefer that type over these “eGo” or “tank” styles.

EverSmoke Basic – $49.99



These EverSmoke cigs look as good as they perform. The LED tip has that very much sought after crystal tip that really illuminates the night letting everyone know how hip you are to e-cigarettes.  With this cheap e cigarette kit you get 2 batteries (one short, one long) – just choose your color and if you want the manual or automatic.

The short battery is will last about 250 puffs while the long battery will last up to 350 puffs depending on hard of an inhaler you are. Both are made with Lithium Ion that lasts a very long time between charges.

Included are 2 types of charging option, first the USB where you just screw your battery in and plug it into any USB port on your computer, or you may use the wall charger where you take that USB, plug that into the wall charger, and then plug the whole unit into the wall. Please note that the USB charging option may take longer.

Choose your e cigarette flavors options. An assortment of tobacco (golden, royal blue, classic American) flavors as well as menthol and specialty tastes that include cherry, pina colada, vanilla, coffee, and peach. The royal blue tobacco is sweet and smooth while the pina colada is crazy good –  the taste of pineapple and coconut really transports you to a tropical beach in your mind.

Ever Smoke also offer a 30 day guarantee (check their website) and has a sold “A” rating with the BBB which is always a nice thing to know when buying things online. They have been in business for years and provide a great value with decent prices – not the most inexpensive cheap e cigarette by far, but the extra cost is worth it for what you get.

Premium Vapes Kit PR110 – $49.95

premium electronic cigarette PR110


The PR110 kit from Premium Vapes is a mix of value and quality. This kit fall under the cheap e cigarette term because you get a solid performer without any headaches. For years they have been selling all types of electronic cigarettes without any problems as reflecting in their “A” rating through the Better Business Bureau. Always good to have that knowledge.

This cheap e cigarette kit is pretty simple; one battery, 5 cartridges, and 2 chargers. What makes this brand unique is their chose of flavors, choose between a wide variety of tobaccos, methol, and fruity flavors like apple and watermelon, plus they even have clove e cigarette flavors.

Nicotine strengths range from none to ultra high (0-24mg). This way you can keep what you are used to if this you 1st experience with an electronic cigarette or if you just want to try a new brand and flavor. These PremiumVapes will not disappoint you.

This is just the beginning, they offer a huge range of vaping products like Ego style batteries and starter kits plus custom designer batteries for both the pr110 and Ego and they even sell electronic cigars and electronic pipes on their site too!

No matter if you just want the basics or you want to glam it up a little with a green marble battery and a rattle snake skin carry case – they got ya covered. A lot of cheap e cigarette options to choose from, but if you would like to introduce yourself to the brand, this stater kt is the best way to do it.

Panzer Mech Mod Clone – $26.73

gold panzer mod

Now for something different in the cheap e cig world, this Panzer mechanical mod “clone” is complicated to deal with, but can really produce a HUGE amount of vapor. For the price you get the body (gold, silver, or black) and the atomizer (RDA) with a two piece drip tip – plus the starter kit comes with 2 pre wired wicks already coiled up and ready for install with the included Phillips head screwdriver. The batteries (18650, 18500, 18350) are sold separate.

Why would you want this beast? For those people wanting to switch from cigarettes and have found the regular pen style e cigarettes do not provide enough vapor, then this mech mod by Fast Tech should make you happy. However let me be clear here, this thing must be used with finesse as you have to baby it with proper coil builds and replacing the cotton wicks on your own. So you need to set aside time and patience to rebuild the coils or take them to your local vape shop and let them do it at a cost to you.

With a cheap e cigarette style mechanical mod ecig like this you need to take into consideration the nicotine content of your e juice… with more vapor per inhale, you will get a more concentrated vape of nicotine. For example, if you are used to 12mg nic on your pen style e cig, then you may want to lower it to 6mg (e liquid) when using this type of vaporizer.  The taste you get from the vapor of these mods like this Panzer is different – for some reason the flavor is lighter, but the vapor is thicker. So if you like more flavor, stick with the e cig kits above as I have personally found that they do provide more flavorful vapes.

Again, at this price you may want to try this cheap e cigarette mod and see if it’s for you, because like I said they are a pain to deal with and take getting used to. Since the vapor is much thicker and more dense, it in turn vaporizes your eliquid much faster… so plan on spending more money on e juice when using a mechmod. Even so, it’s good to have in your electronic cigarette collection. Keep in mind these mods are more for vaping as a hobby as they require a lot of tweaking and attention.

Cheap mechanical mod, cloud chaser, and it looks like a weapon of a Jedi Knight! Fast Tech is known for cheap e cig products and very long shipping times (if you choose free) as you are ordering direct from China. For this inexpensive price it really can’t be beat, even though it is a “clone” it still delivers big clouds without costing hundreds of dollars like the real Panzer does. The only difference is the 510 contact pin for using other tanks or RDA’s – it is in a fixed position so some may not fit, so just use the one that comes with this Panzer kit. Reminder, with this kit you will need to purchase your own batteries and e juice.

Which Brand Do I Choose?

The reason we featured so many cheap e cigarette brands here is to give you a variety to choose from as we are all different and want different things.  For some folks the glamour & glitzy crystal tip ecigs may be the deciding factor while the no nonsense of “cigarette style” e cig is enough to suffice what they want.

Flavors are another factor, they all offer tobacco & menthol in the same nicotine strengths but only a few offer a wider variety of choice flavors like grape, apple, blueberry, etc. While the VaporFi offers you the choice to custom blend your own flavors of e juices to make your own unique taste.

All these cheap e cigarette brands are top quality and comes down to personal tastes, I myself own them all and like them for specifics reasons to each their own. The authentic “red tobacco” taste of the V2 Cigs – they’ve nailed it right on, and the hard pack style of Cigavette is so simple it’s genius.


Good luck, and happy vaping! 😉

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